Ottawa 5kw Contemporary Woodburning Stoves Multi Fuel. 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

DEFRA APPROVED 80% efficient, Ottawa 5kw Contemporary Woodburning Stoves Multi Fuel. 5 YEAR GUARANTEE

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Stove Features

  • Heat Output : 5Kw
  • Pre-heated airwash system: Yes
  • Outlet : 5″ (125mm) top and rear
  • Over night burn : Yes, Very efficient and easy to achieve
  • Heat resistant glass: Yes, German Schott glass
  • Efficiency : 80%+
  • Multifuel, with ash riddle : Yes
  • Airwash : Yes
  • Clean burn : Yes
  • Steel : Yes
  • Approvals : EN Approved, CE approved
  • Guarantee : 5 year
  • Firebricks : Both sides lined with stone bricks and the back with cast iron plate.
  • Bits and bobs : Ash pan tool, Oven glove, Ash pan, Full manual
  • Bafle plate : Yes
  • Spare parts available : Yes
  • 70 KG

Woodburning Stove ConstructionStove Construction

Body – 10mm thick steel top and 5mm thick steel plate sides.
Grate – Includes a virgin ore cast iron ash riddling gratE
Fire brick – Stone

Stove Mechanical StopWhy is a mechanical stop added?

This is to prevent full closing down of the stove. A fully closed down stove burns less efficiently, emitting more smoke particles. This addition combats that issue and allows it to be installed in smoke control areas.


This Ecosy+ brand is designed and built by Stove World and is available only from us and a few carefully-selected stockists. The Ottawa is an advanced, clean burning stove that is built to last for years. This wood burning / multi-fuel stove is wonderfully hand constructed and blends traditional styling with modern efficiency. The Ottawa is made from thick steel plate and is designed to stand the test of time. Clean lines make it suitable for a wide range of decor, styles and tastes. The stove is a multi-fuel stove that will deliver a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control.

Cheap Woodburning StovesDEFRA Approved

We have recently had the stove put through rigorous CE and smoke control tests here in the UK at Kiwa Gastec. We are glad to say the stove has passed with flying colours and due to the stoves new tertiary air system it is running at over 80% efficient. This will save the user a lot of money over the years. To top it off the stove has also passed a tough DIN+ particle test that will soon be required for all stoves in the UK. This stove is completely future proofed and an absolute bargain at the price advertised.

This version of the Ottawa 5 has been rigorously tested and approved to burn wood and smokeless coal in a smoke controlled zone. Fitted with a mechanical stop to prevent secondary air closure beyond the 31mm open position. A 5″ flue liner can be fitted onto this stove. When ordering over the phone please specify that you require the DEFRA version. If not you may be sent the non DEFRA unit.

Clean BurnClean Burn System

The Ottawa has an advanced tertiary clean burn system that is controled by a chrome pull leaver on the base of the stove. This leaver opens and closes a vent that pulls air over the fire, re burning the initial smoke emitted by the stove. This makes the stove a lot more efficient and eco friendly saving you a large amount on fuel costs.

Woodburning Stove GuaranteeGuarantee

5 year guarantee 

(This covers the stoves body and not the internal perishable parts like grates and fir bricks.) Guarantee is activated when the stove is invoiced. 6 digit number on the top of each invoice is the warranty number.For stove to be covered it must be installed by a HETAS engineer.

Woodburning Stove Overnight BurnOvernight Burn

The Coseyfire Ottawa + has an excellent overnight burn system. Its air tight door gaskets and manually controlled air flow controls allow you to close the stove right down overnight and wake up to a warm house in the morning. All you will need to do is reopen the air controls, add a little coal or wood and watch the fire roar again.


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