‘Om’ 5 kW Wood Burner

The Om has a range of features rarely found on other stoves:

a tastefully moulded curved cast iron door

a welded steel body for efficiency

a handle mechanism that’s very user friendly

an air intake at the rear which can be directly connected to an outside air vent

the air wash is pre-heated and is very effective

a full sized cast iron grate with a riddling mechanism

adjustable feet

designed to fit into the smallest of fireplaces with a height of just 550 mm including the pipe spigot.

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‘Om’ 5 kW Wood Burner

Being able to connect the stove’s air intake directly to the outside means that you can avoid cold draughts, and is a great feature to have in a stove. This air will supply both the primary and secondary (& tertiary) combustion, unlike many other stoves which even if they do have an air connector, only connect either the primary or secondary air intakes to the outside.

The air intake  spigot requires the extra purchase of a 70mm diameter aluminium heating duct and a wall vent, both of which can be found at builders’ merchants etc.

The riddling mechanism requires 2-3″ clearance to the right hand side, but does not have to be used.

Flue pipe spigot takes a standard UK 5″ flue pipe.

The flue pipe can be connected to the top or the rear of the stove.

Body made from 4 mm steel plate fully welded all round.


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