Advice on getting the best out of your wood burning stove

Here is some advice on how to get the best from your wood burning stove.  Our installers will run through all of the information below with you on the day of installation and help light your first fire.  This first fire will allow us to check that the draw provided by your chimney or flue is adequate for the type of stove you have.

Just after Installation – Lighting your first fire.

A freshly installed wood burning stove will require a “Burn in” period of around 8 hours.  This  allows the fire cement and stove paint to cure.   We recommend making small fires during this period as this will lower the temperature of the stove and allow a gradual burn in.  It is normal for a small amount of paint fumes to emanate from your stove so we recommend keeping your windows open during this period.  How to build a fire

The theory is that there should be lots of flames quickly, not lots of smoke.  To achieve this build you fire in stages using kindling first with firelighters or newspaper.  Do not add your main fuel (coal or logs) until the fire is burning well.  Lots of people like to build a complete fire before lighting ie. paper or firelighters, kindling and logs and or coal all at once. If you do this your fire will produce lots of smoke which will contribute to soot deposits building up in your flue or chimney – It’s also means that  your fuel is not burning efficiently.


As most of us do these day if you are concerned about the environmental impact of using a wood burning stove then burn locally sourced logs not coal.   Coal is a fossil fuel, it is not renewable and releases carbon into the air that would otherwise be trapped underground.

Burning wood is carbon neutral – The same amount of carbon is released into the atmosphere by burning wood as allowing it to decompose naturally.   Sourcing your wood from a local source means that you will be saving the carbon that would have been produced by long delivery drives.

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